Leaders LLC advises public, private, and family-owned businesses, as well as shareholders and management, in a broad range of transactions. We specialize in tailoring a transaction to achieve the specific objectives of our client.

Sale Transactions include

  • the sale of a business

  • the divestiture of a division or subsidiary of a company

  • the recapitalization of a business through a private equity or debt transaction

  • the sale of all or a part of a business to its management, and

  • the sale of a shareholder’s interest in a business to another shareholder

In most Sale Transactions our role is to lead the transaction process from beginning to end, guiding our client through the process to ensure that the transaction is structured to achieve their specific objectives.

Acquisition Assignments and Mergers include

  • full-blown acquisition programs where we work with our client to develop an acquisition strategy and criteria and then approach multiple acquisition targets

  • “one-off” acquisitions involving a single target that has been identified by our client

  • representation of management in the buyout of all or part of a business

  • representation of a shareholder in the buyout of the interests of another shareholder, and

  • representation of a business or its owners in a merger or joint venture with another business

Our role in Acquisition Assignments varies based on the needs and objectives of our client. In addition to developing the acquisition strategy and criteria and identifying and approaching targets, our role often includes financial analysis, structuring the transaction, negotiation, due diligence and integration planning.

Neutral Negotiation Facilitation Services include

  • facilitating a transaction between two businesses where each business recognizes that a neutral with extensive transaction experience will enhance the negotiation, structuring and/or closing of the transaction

  • facilitating a transaction between the owners of a business where each owner recognizes that a neutral who understands shareholder values and interests can tailor a creative transaction that achieves the objectives of each of the parties to the transaction

  • facilitating the discussion among family members in a family-owned business regarding a potential transaction where the issues are so sensitive and delicate that the family wisely recognizes that a neutral with extensive experience working on family business transactions will enhance the likelihood that the issues will be resolved consensually and without damaging the business or the relationships among the family members

In most of our Sale Transactions and Acquisition Assignments we represent one party to the transaction, and we advocate for the interests of our client. In our role as a Neutral, we don’t represent a party to a negotiation or transaction, nor do we advocate for the interests of one party. Rather, the parties jointly engage us to serve as a neutral to facilitate the negotiation or transaction, taking into consideration the interests and objectives of each party and without favoring the interests of any one party. We developed expertise as a Neutral because we recognized that in many situations we can better serve the interests of the parties to a negotiation or transaction if we serve in a neutral capacity. This has proven to be true.

“I believe this [acquisition] to be a major hallmark in the long history of our Company, and you will remain in my mind one of the major factors in making this happen.”

Tim Hussey, 6th generation CEO
Hussey Seating Company