Leaders partner Angus King to run for U.S. Senate as Independent

March 1, 2012

Leaders LLC’s M&A professional and former two-term Independent Governor of Maine, Angus S. King Jr., announced that he intends to run for the seat in the United States Senate being vacated by Olympia Snowe. In announcing his decision, Angus emphasized his belief that the Senate needs independent voices that are not beholden to Republicans, Democrats, or special interests. "Nobody will be able to tell me how to vote except for the people of Maine," he said, adding, "Partisan politics has paralyzed the federal government and it is holding the whole country hostage.  Frankly, I think I might scare them [the Senate], and that would be a good thing.  Because we would be sending a message that if they don't get their act together, other states and other communities are going to be sending more people like me. That would be their worst nightmare!"

Leaders’ principals, Brian Deveaux and Matt Caras, support Angus’ decision to run for the Senate seat.  As Matt said, “Rarely does one encounter such bundled creativity, intelligence, common sense, judgment and influence. …  Angus has an uncanny ability to move polarized positions to the middle.”