Leaders partner Angus King elected to the United States Senate

January 3, 2013

In November 2012, Maine’s former two-term Governor Angus King was elected to the US Senate.  Running as an independent, he will fill the seat vacated by Maine’s long-standing Senator Olympia Snowe, and in so doing will become Maine’s first independent US Senator.  The people of Maine elected Angus because of his proven track record of success; yet, they are counting on him to take the innovative thinking and voice of reason that characterized his success in Maine to the nation’s capital to help resolve the many difficult issues that currently face the nation.

In 2003, following his second term as Governor of Maine and a now well-publicized cross-country adventure with his family, Senator King  joined Leaders.  Angus has served our business and clients well since 2003, and has brought critical insight to the work we do with businesses and their owners.  With his election to the US Senate, Angus will step out of his role with Leaders and focus his attention on his new role.  While we won’t be working with Angus on a day-to-day basis in our firm, we will stay in close contact with him, and of course we wish him the best in serving Maine and the country in the United States Senate.  Angus was sworn in by Vice President Biden on January 3, 2013.